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Who we are

MemphisDEBT is a collaborative dedicated to improving the financial wellness of our community through education and strategic alliances.

Memphis is one of the leading centers for bankruptcy in the United States, and our goal is to break that cycle. Too many of our neighbors have succumbed to bankruptcy in an effort to manage debt. Others operate on such thin margins that they are vulnerable to a host of fringe financial services. Through education, we can improve their lives, as well as our own.

Predatory lending, foreclosures, credit card debt, bad credit . . . These are serious issues affecting our society. Everyone in the community has a stake in raising the understanding of money management and wealth acquisition.

The MemphisDEBT collaborative was organized in 2001. There are now more than 160 members representing a wide variety of organizations and individuals from the public, private, for-profit, nonprofit, government and business sectors.

The collaborative was formed under the auspices of the RISE Foundation and has received funding through grants from the Fannie Mae Foundation, Assisi Foundation, United Way of the Mid-South, First Tennessee Foundation and the RISE Foundation.

About this site

The MemphisDEBT website is designed to make financial resources more readily available to everyone in the community, but especially those most in need of them.

The site aims to point citizens in the right direction, no matter what kind of financial help they may be needing.

The organizers of MemphisDEBT hope this site will generate more action in the Memphis community to help fight our growing bankruptcy and credit debt problems.

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of the MemphisDEBT Collaborative.

The following agencies are nonprofits and offer credit counseling to Memphis-area citizens:

Memphis Consumer Credit Association

Consumer Credit Counseling Service

ClearPoint Financial Solutions

MemphisDEBT • 22 North Front Street, Suite 680 • Memphis, TN 38103 • Phone: 901-507-6638 • Fax: 901-507-6640